Anthony White is a Motivational Speaker with an Amazing Story

Anthony White is a Motivational Speaker and Author from Cleveland Ohio, one of the most dangerous places to live in the United States Anthony I travels around the world helping people with mental health, past trauma, as well as how to attack their dreams step by step to become the best version of themselves in the world we live in today. Anthony’s mother had 9 kids and raised none, & by being the youngest of the 9; born as a premature crack baby. Anthony story is motivational and shows you can overcome anything and through his story he has inspired many. Anthony is known for his book series “1 Second 7 Days”. The book is about his life and things he has encountered including some of his deepest thoughts. 

Anthony has currently been in the speaking industry for one full year now and couldn’t be more proud of himself, due to all the people he has helped. Some of his biggest accomplishments are being featured in 7 magazines this year including Eclair Magazine. He has been on the famous “Michael Colyar Morning Show.” He has also been on countless radio appearances in different states and had multiple tv appearances. During the quarantine during COVID although Anthony was not affected, it taught him what the real grind is. It taught him to make sacrifices for his time and what he was doing with it. COVID showed him how to take action with everything he does. It taught him be at peace and the true meaning of his life with the happiness he always wanted.

Anthony’s next move is going to California for a radio appearance covering the entire San Fernando Valley. He is going to continue to visit different high schools and colleges changing the world and the people in it. He is working on soon signing with Christian Faith Publishing so they can publish my his books everywhere around the world. He should be out in Utah soon speaking to a couple high schools. Anthony has got multiple more photo shoots as well for 2 more magazines. Anthony is also planning a new billboard in Times Square. In one year Anthony sees himself changing the world on a bigger platform to reach a bigger audience so he can make the change everyone needs in their life. He sees himself connecting with people who made big names for themselves who sees the same dream as me and change I’m making in the world. If we all work together imagine what we can accomplish.