Out Now: "Seeing Stars" By Khaki

Following teased snippets on his Instagram, UK based rapper Khaki has dropped the track and visuals for his latest, highly anticipated single “Seeing Stars”, which features a new melodic autotune sound, unheard of from the breakout rapper.

Following on from his highly successful track with Republic Records and Texas based singer Baby Goth, Khaki is once again out to impress. Khaki takes us on a journey through his life, and provides a disquisition about the hardships of trying to succeed in the industry from a young age, as well as the successes that come with it “Driving in brand new cars/look at the roof I’m seeing stars”.

One of the highlight bars in the chorus states “working with Swae I’m out of it/told me I shouldn’t be doubting it/he put me some diamonds on my wrist”. After following the rapper’s movements on social media, this seems to be referring to a collaboration in progress with major artist Swae Lee. This wouldn’t be a surprise given Khaki’s close ties to rapper Future’s record label “Freebandz”, who have had collaborations with Swae Lee in the past. Khaki’s previous links with major artists overseas such as former “1017” signed Asian Doll, who Khaki partnered with on his single “That Work” during her time with Gucci Maine’s label, is a clear demonstration of the artists ability to network with wider industry artists.

One of the key scenes in the video, directed by “nm.media”, sees Khaki in front of a modified, blue Audi R8 surrounded by honeycomb lighting, seemingly bringing the Seeing Stars chorus to life. This is a well thought out touch and glides elegantly into scenes with a fire dancer as well as the company of well-known Liverpool based influencer Gia Clarke further boasting the solid grip on the local scene Khaki currently has.

The fire performance in “Seeing Stars” is a subtle ode to that of Khaki’s successful single “Devil’s Kiss” thanks to the skills of Hayley Flaherty being showcased in clips blended throughout. A seemingly fitting touch considering the doors this previous release opened for the UK based artist.

After seeing teasers of future projects with Freebandz CEO Casino as well as Redda who was recently featured in Virgil Abloh’s Off White fashion show in Paris, we are very excited to see what Khaki has in store for us next.

Make sure to watch the video for yourself below and leave your thoughts.