Discover YAAPOM (You Are A Part Of Me) By Absolute Phase

This five piece rock band is taking the world by storm. Starting with their first album back in 2019, Absolute Phase has been making waves with their hit song, “Dominique”. The band consists of Zak Johnson on vocals and guitar, Matt Storey on bass and background vocals, Andrew Kolb on drums and background vocals, Alvin Santner on lead guitar, and Ian Rottner and guitar and background vocals. Each musician brings a different genre to the mix. Their influences are very wide and you can hear it in expressed in their music. They mix genres such as grunge, punk, emo, alternative rock, indie, and pop. They even have some elements of blues and jazz. This bands blend of eclectic vocals and skillful songwriting really makes you want more. Good thing that today, they just released their brand new song and first track off their next album, YAAPOM (You Are A Part Of Me) and it’s a banger. Check them out at: