Juufro releases a new banger entitled "Out Da Mud"

Juufro is a rap artist from West Fort Lauderdale, Florida located in the Broward County. Growing up, Juufro had a rough time communicating with others which was a big setback for him. He found a solution to this by using rap as a way to communicate with others with the things he says and the messages he wants to spread across for everybody to hear. In addition, he also uses rap as a way for others to better understand him not just as an artist, but also as a human being. Rapping also got him through some hard times in his life and that is why rap is so important to him.

He gets his influences from J Cole, The Notorious B.I.G., Dababy, NLE Choppa, Jack Harlow, Logic, Snoop Dogg and others. The crown on his head and chain symbolizes being able to conquer anything in his path with relentless effort and with a Black Mumba mindset. Juufro’s persona is like a wacky animated character come to life as he uses his raunchiness to make others laugh. Although other times, he’ll be more personal and serious about the things he’s saying that can be relatable and nothing but the truth. He wants everybody to know that this is just the beginning and to Go With The Fro.

The track caught our full attention from start to finish. The epic production, the perfect rap techniques, the powerful energy: perfect to give us a strong dose of motivation and determination. 

“Out Da Mud” is now on our list for the best Hip-Hop track, a sure bet to start our week on the right foot. more than 1:30 min of pure flow. We can’t wait to hear what’s next, make sure you keep an eye on Juufro.

Press play right now and enjoy: