Album of the week: "C.a.r.t.e.l Bars Vol.1" By Angel Sandoval

Angel Sandoval is an artist/actor hailing from the very famous state of California. With over ten years in the music and acting industry, Angel has one thing in sight; legacy. With seven independent projects on distribution and over ten acting credits, he continues to set the artistic bar. Highlights in his musical journey have included being a semi-finalist on a tv talent show to opening up for rap legends such as Kxng Crooked. His newest album C.a.r.t.e.l Bars Vol.1 features hip hop giants such as Kurupt, Rass Kass, and more. He is set to drop his last album of 2021 titled C.a.r.t.e.l Bars Vol.2 and is wrapping up his first studio release set to drop early 2022. Look out for this very diverse artist making his mark in the industry.