“Who is Richy Collins”

Richard Trigg, famously known by the name Richy Collins, is a recording artist and musician who was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 14, 1996. The charismatic American is recognized for his sense of style, fashion, uniqueness, and originality. His tunes are so creative and unique that they leave listeners craving for more. His new single "Fly Shit Only" is making waves across the music industry. Richy Collins aspires to create music that allows listeners to not only enjoy listening to it but also to comprehend the message he is expressing via his words. Fans are adding more of his music to their playlists as a result of his inspirational words. Richy Collins doesn’t need the influence of any other artist. It’s because his life lessons taught him so much throughout his life, that he believes the only person who inspires him, is “himself.” His new single "Fly Shit Only" is uploaded on a reputable youtube called hip-hop, so make sure to check it out because you’re gonna love it. Not only this, but Richy Collins will also release an extended play coming this October, and a ton of new single music videos to add to your playlist

To find out more, check out his IG: @richy.collins.