SpenDoe Drops A Crazy New Track Featuring Mozzy Titled "Omertà"

Santa Cruz hip hop artist SpenDoe delivers a crazy new track featuring Sacramento artist Mozzy. The track "Omertà" quietly made its way to the streets, and has now taken off to be an underground favorite among many. A never-ending saga of drama, and twisted tales about street life have been depicted throughout many songs from both artists.

What separates Mozzy and SpenDoe from other artists, are their styles and character. They both shine on the track with production from Mobb Muzik's C-DUBB. The beat is tailored for both artists, and the subject matter they are delivering. As of late, the track can be found everywhere online, and in the streets with music listeners from all walks of life.

Both artists rap about the struggles of the streets in many ways. Each artist details what they see, and what they know from various perspectives. On "Omertà" the two west coast artists paint a picture so vivid, one can certainly visualize everything that is being said throughout the song. The west coast has definitely seen a great deal of talent come from Northern California over the years. I believe we just might be witnessing the start of a new wave in California hip hop after listening to this sure hit. Life in a world many aren't privy to, is a reflection of the song's overall tone. These are the unsettling facts about the streets that your favorite film director couldn't capture. Give the song a listen. Links are below.

SpenDoe x Mozzy - Omertà

Link To All Music Platforms: https://songwhip.com/mozzy/omerta