Meet FTN BAE, formerly known as Curlyy Red, who started her music career while in the dancing scene 3 years ago in South Florida. She is originally from Chestertown, Maryland, & her name FTN BAE, stands for ‘Forget The Negativity’ & also ‘F*** These N****s’. She decided to change her name this January (2021) for rebranding purposes to steer away from the image previously built as a stripper to be taken more seriously in the industry. She has an agenda to inspire her audience through testimonials from her personal experiences using music to accomplish the tasks and eventually own a record label.

FTN BAE is an independent artist who recently released 2 projects on June 18th, 2021 named ‘FTN’ and ‘BAE’ which are both 2 different vibes that introduce her audience to both sides of her talent. ‘BAE’ is the sweet & sexy side with a nice R&B flow giving us her smooth upbeat vocals while ‘FTN’ is an energetic, tough vibe with still some taste of her harmonies and rhythmic lyrics & also all recorded alone. She describes herself as a female version of Tory Lanez or Rod Wave because of her ways of harmonic heartfelt storytelling skills in her music. She has been compared to outstanding artists such as Trippie Redd without the rockstar kick. Although BAE is not currently signed to anyone, she is working on securing a distribution deal and building a solid team to help create future projects with legit connections & reliable resources ahead. Upcoming, we are expecting her new project called ‘GEMINI’ with a combination of 2 musical personalities which is FTN & BAE all in one project, just like a Gemini!

Since being in this industry, she has stumbled across situations that have taught her lessons about the industry as a female artist transitioning from dancing. FTN genuinely enjoys being an entertainer as she also has interests in acting as well. But while dancing she speaks on being at the peak of her dance career making thousands of dollars and willing to rather prioritize music. During this same time, FTN BAE began battling with depression and during that moment she says to herself, “I don't think this is what I was called to do.” She eventually hangs up her dance jersey for good and she has not returned since & has made serious progress in music. She reflects on this moment for inspiration when she does feel like giving up. 

Aside from depression, this artist has also juggled receiving discouraging words received on social media as a female rapper in particular in which ‘F.T.N’ is the perfect reminder to keep pushing forward in every new project release. She understands that every new journey is not an overnight success but rather a process of growth, discipline, determination & consistency in this game. FTN BAE’s advice for future artists, “At the end of the day.. It's hard for anybody. If you really feel like you have the gift of talent to give, just understand how important it is to believe in yourself. No one is going to support you like you support yourself... Always remember that!” -


-Interviewed by Rajestaney Small