Streetcannon announces new hit single “Street Fajitas”

Kedaheata the Streetcannon, otherwise known as Joshua Miquel Phillips, owns his own record label entitled “Automatic Money Records”. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He’s been in and out of jail in the past but has changed his life for the positive by becoming a music artist and community activist in his neighborhood. He uses his music and likeness to inspire the younger generation in his community to reach for success. Father to two sons, he feels the need to be a good role model for them as well as other young men who have grown up in communities like his. His future goal is to continue his music and eventually open up a youth center named after his father and siblings that have passed away.

Streetcannon has been featured in Billboard magazine and will be featured in Rolling Stone’s April issue. He currently has hit songs such as “Street Fajitas”, “Beat it”, “Instagram them Haters” and “LA Rams Game” releasing on all platforms.

Instagram: @streetcannon
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