Out Now: "6 Months" By LOKYE Discover it Now!

6 Months Is The newest single from LOKYE new project
WEIRD KID. Shot In LA it captures a day in the life with this abstract artist.

This new project was made to tell the nuanced story of an individual. A story that while personal resonates with all of those who early on realize that they are in some way glaringly “strange,” and forecast just as quickly that strangeness will never go away. Visions and hymns created by an outcast, for outcasts, whose locations could be anywhere but happen to be in particular places for extended periods of times. For outcasts who don’t mind building their tribe over a vast landscape with patience because sometimes the spirit of it is more important than the exact location. The energy one imagines experiencing when they were a child, as an adult, sometimes feels like a location.

The story is told by way of a dreamy and relaxed melody that highlights the free use of intricate metaphors, singing, and blunt details as a vehicle for delivering the essence of a particular lifestyle that can be both lived and tapped into. While each story that is told is epic in its own right in the end, we are a sum of all of our experiences whole they jump from love to lust, from inspiration to creation, and from discussion to destruction. It’s the circle of life from a perspective of a WEIRD KID. 

Lokye wrote most of this project at Granny’s Chandelier art gallery in Hamtramck, Michigan and received assistance from producer Al Mack Jr. The Super Robot KING produced, mixed, and mastered the indie boom-bap burnout soundscape in beautiful Hawaii. Lokye helped lend an ear. This combination of creators and experiences allowed him to create a psychedelic landscape that he hopes weird kids all over the world will enjoy. 

Press play right now and enjoy: