Eli Allen drops new hit single “Faded Memories”

Eli Allen was born in Los Angeles, CA. He’s been doing music for about 3 years and started off rapping but liked singing better and ended up being pretty good at it. He went head on with singing, and mainly started music because most of his cousins were producers and he liked the process of making music and seeing what he could come up with every time.

Eli has already been featured in Billboard magazine’s hot 100 issue, and will be featured in Rolling Stone’s April issue. He has a few songs out now on all platforms. “Faded Memories”, “Bad Lil b*tch”, “Django”, “Simon Says”, and “She Loves” are his top streaming songs at the moment. He is working on a few music videos for some of his top hits that are set to release this year in 2021.

Instagram: @eliiallen
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