Dmb Swerv drops hit single “Tighten Up”

Dmb Swerv otherwise known as Zahir, grew Up In South Central Los Angeles. As a kid He got into countless trouble during most of his life he lived with his grandma most of his life due to his mom dealing with an everlasting drug addiction. Growing up his pops wasn’t around despite the fact he lived down the street. Swerv ended up turning to the streets and ended up going to Juvenile Hall. Going to music classes, it inspired him to tap into his musical gifts. He just began rapping a year ago, and his music career is taking off quickly. 

Dmb Swerv has been featured in Billboard magazine and will be featured in Rolling Stone’s April issue. Most of his music can be found on Sound Cloud & other platforms. His top hits include “Opinions” and “Tighten Up”. Dmb Swerv’s goal in this music industry is to push his story and sign with a record label that will push him to his furthest potential.

Instagram: @dmbswerv

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