Former Grammy Contender and Recording Artist Jonny T Launches Major Indies

Major Indies, a new subscription resource, will serve as an integral part of any successful strategy for those looking to develop and monetize their music career with proven techniques and marketing tactics.

08 April 2021 – Major Indies, a new online subscription resource for the music industry, is helping a new generation of professionals harness success on their musical journeys with cutting-edge tools and resources. Major Indies’ subscription-based platform will facilitate growth for professionals at all stages of their careers with updated weekly submission opportunities that allow artists to connect with labels and publishers directly.

In addition to facilitating direct-to-label interactions, Major Indies will help artists and other professionals secure publishing and sync licensing opportunities, grow their fan bases and listening audiences on platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify, and overhaul their digital marketing and social media outreach techniques. Using proven tactics, Major Indies will open up channels across sectors of the industry through its paid subscriber model, which provides free “inbox tips” on promoting music and learning about companies seeking opportunities to work with unsigned or independent acts. These tips, validated by industry leaders, breakdown various aspects of the music business and offer supplemental ways to generate revenue and grow one’s audience. 

A platform that is expected to revolutionize the industry, Major Indies will help unsigned and independent recording artists, record labels, managers, publishers, and other industry personnel expand, grow, and overcome common pain points and challenges for as little as $10 per month, or $50 per year. 

To learn more, or to subscribe to the exclusive Major Indies mailing list, please visit or @MajorIndies.

Media Contact
Company: Major Indies
Name: Jonny Taylor
Title: Founder
Phone: 818-714-0981