West Coast Hip Hop artist SpenDoe bounces back with the new single “I Just Want To Fly.”

The new single is brought forth by Spin Rich Music and Money Goonz Muzik, collectively; being produced by SpenDoe and Exclusive Heat. This is sure to catch listeners with the sound, alone. The musical style is setting a different tone for the California artist. The music is quite dreamy, with a trap vibe that allows one to imagine coasting down the highway with the volume up, about to live the life they’ve always wanted. Never shy about addressing people who try to block others from being happy and prosperous, the Santa Cruz native states “I know you haters been sour, spoiled milk, and you curd.” Maybe a subtle jab or just speaking in general, only he knows. Frankly, the manner in which SpenDoe delivers his rhymes can vary from track to track; however, you can’t help but to notice the calm, relaxed, and philosophical being behind the truth he brings. He raps of travelling places he’s never visited, and wanting to discover new things.

The ideas of embracing a life you aren’t accustomed to, is quite intriguing. In today’s society, a life of solitude and financial security sounds quite appealing, if one has their affairs in order. The production and lyrical delivery of the artist definitely complement each other. While this isn’t the vibrant “west coast” sound some may be used to hearing from SpenDoe, it is definitely a real treat to enjoy. To listen to this track and other music from SpenDoe, you can visit his official website at www.spendoe.com or access everything through his linktree account https://linktr.ee/spendoe

Chandler Jarrell (Independent Music Publicist on behalf of Pitchfork Music)